Welcome to my page about the wonderful little coltmonster!
If there's something you feel I've forgotten, please let me know!

News / Uppdates:

1 June The tweeters are finally where they should have been put several years ago.
31 May Red fake leather cut out to fit the doors, now I need to get my hands on some good glue.
29 May The fog lights are now connected so that they are off when the standard lights are on and goes on when tha parking lights are on. Took some nice pictures the page about extralight
28 May Mounted the fog lights

27 May Bought the timing belt adjuster. Also the timing belt, fog lights and som other fun stuff
Washed and waxed the car.
03 May Temp sensor changed, bought an original gasket for the thermostat housing, since it's leaking a bit.
Figured out that it's probably the timing belt adjuster that is causing the noise from the engine bay.
I have thought about an engine swap to a Galant 2,0L GTi engine. The big problem is to find a place for doing the actual swap!
13 April Changed the "isolator" for the suspension strut!
10 April Changed driveshaft and cleaned the air filter. The suspension strut fell down...!? :(
31 March Changed to the sommer rims! Discovered that the boot for the left driveshaft joint was damaged :(
07 February Thermostat changed
23 January Eyelids and sportgrill are on!
17 January The newly homemade gearstick cover installed in the car!
28 September Fixed the lights at the feet
29 August Reorganized the homepage... Now there's a "new" page Project
29 August Installed extra brakelights
Finished with the gauges! Now there's some extra red L.E.Ds behind lightening up real good! There's also L.E.Ds in all the vents..
7 August Finished the guide on how to build in fiberglas Guide: Glasfiberbygge
1 August Added a gallery with pictures of other Colts!Gallery
31 July White siderepeaters from a SAAB Here's the guide in Swedish
30 July I have put together another list of links. Most useful to Swedish coltowners though... Linkpage
16 July My work on making sideskirts is progressing
Eyelids done!
5 June Bought floormats while driving through Germany
25 April Single wiper on test
21 April Painted some interior pieces
14 April Some of the guides are updated!
11 April Painted the part in the middle around the hub with wheelpaint
10 April Installed the modified air-canister
9 April Repainted the calipers with color from Foliatec
8 April Driveaxle changed
16 January Extralights installes behind the frontmesh
27 November New exhaustsystem in front of the catalysator
21 November Changed the wire to the parkingbrake
15 November Blue parkinglights
6 November Wheel locks are on!
25 October Winter tyres on! Washed the airfilter and changed back to the original airfilter-box, but without the resonance-box
Discovered that the parkingbrake doesn't work on the left side
24 October Now a little movieclip available... 2,6MB
14 September Made a budget solution for the open-airfilter...
13 September I made the old original rims look like new! :)
10 September Found a pair of sideskirts on the junkyard.. Next summer my colt is gonna have the HEAVIEST sideskirts =)
1 September Now available in english!!!
23 August Changed adress! www.soederman.se/colt
15 August New beltpads
One pair with the Ralli///Art logo on and another with the Mitsubishi logo on
14 June New homemade rear parcel shelf with 8" JBL speakers
and a new 4*75Wrms amplifier from GAS installed
13 June CarGard alarm installed
Centrallocking included! =)
10 June Alumesh remounted in the frontspoiler!
cut away some more plastics! I put the regsign under the mesh
31 May Fucking idiots!!!!
Some nuts broke in to my car and stole the amplifier and speakers
Must put in a new lockcylinder on the passengers side.. :(
So damn pissed off!!!
23 May Alumesh mounted in the frontspoiler!
Should have put the mesh further out....
28 April Painted the engine red! A little better looking
26 April Polished!
I put sunfilm on the roofglass... It's really hard to get it without bubbles
It'll do for now..
16 April Fixed all the visible rust
Painted the distances for the frontspeakers and put all the cables down
12 April Idle adjusting screw located and adjusted
Neonlights installed with automatic lightning when opening the trunk!
02 April New exhaustsystem! 2" with a 3,5" endpipe
I have to adjust the idle speed... I'm down to 500 rpm after the exhaustsytem's been installed..
24 March cylinder head cover gasket changed, transmissionoil replaced, fuse to the watch replaced, new washerpump
K&N filter installed with removed silencer
19 March Tried to change the gasket for the cylinder head cover... Hnnnnghh! Can't fucking move it!! Grr!
Succeded in changing the fuelfilter atleast... (Tips: use good tools)
17 March Sportexhaustsystem ordered for the second of april!
cost: 2200 swedish kronor at "Uppsala Avgasteknik"!!! =)
16 March Finally a clean car!
Put on the EBC greenstuff pads and switched to summerwheels! Couldn't hold myself (The law says 31 march...)
Tinted some exterior details.. It turned out pretty good! =)
Removed the sparewheel and the silencer that's located in the airfilterbox
15 March Upgraded homepage

uppdated: june 1 -2005